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We share our knowledge, combine it and use it to create something new – across companies, industries, and countries. We learn from each other and advance ourselves together.

Our business activities benefit from the fact that we in our Group network think and work on a cross-company, cross-functional basis. After all, the really big objectives can only be achieved together. The Group becomes part of the newly established Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG, Europe’s largest steel company.

The Business Areas Steel Europe and Steel Americas stand for high-quality steel products, innovative manufacturing technologies, and customer-specific material solutions that pave the way for complex applications in a wide array of industries. That’s because we have made excellent progress in the change process.

Steel caters to a range of customers spanning the automotive, machinery and systems engineering industries, the energy sector, and the packaging and construction industries. The rebranding is an extension of efforts to implement our strategy.

Its products for the auto sector include camshafts and crankshafts, steering and damping systems, and springs and stabilizers, as well as the assembly of axle modules.

A strong brand needs to have markers that make it easy to recognize the world over.

The global financial crisis hits the Group hard, and the new steel mills in Brazil and the US fail to grow as projected. Restructuring becomes absolutely focused on the global distribution of (raw) materials, with around 480 branches in 44 countries.

Among the many other services it offers is the production of stainless steel, available since last year.

It develops and supplies car body and engine assembly process chains and related control and test systems for the automotive industry.

Industrial Solutions is also one of the global leaders in naval vessels and submarines.makes high-tech components for the automotive and machinery sectors.

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In the spheres of mechanics, plant construction, and materials. We invest in relevant technological innovations, and in doing so make the world a little bit better. We have written over 200 years of industrial history.

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